Grand View Property Inspections is now Heart State Inspections.

I am really proud to share that apart from a new name, we have a new brand identity as well. Rest assured, our core beliefs haven’t changed at all. Heart State Inspections is now positioned to expand and grow while keeping true to our core philosophy of being a valued partner to our clients and referring realtors. Our service model, business size, and work ethic provide us the opportunity to work with just a limited number of clients and realtors every year. This allows us to truly provide a one of a kind 5 star rated experience every time.

Heart State Inspections will now have a bold, fresh and confident new look. We are proud of our development and happy that we have grown into a leading inspection firm that takes pride in being thorough and unbiased while also educating all of those involved in the inspection process. Experienced. Qualified. Thorough. A Heart State Inspection will not be beat!

Constant change in real estate can result in a vast, complex array of decisions to be made. We are proud to be that one constant in the home buying process. A home inspection is needed regardless of the other changes in the market. Our job is to paint a picture of a property with all of its complexity, to navigate any issues, and to explain them in the simplest manner possible. Leonardo Da Vinci is often attributed to have said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, which we truly believe. This will become a true differentiator for us. Our continued education, knowledge base, and experience will go above and beyond the minimal State and National requirements which positions us to be unique in the central Ohio and surrounding areas. We are a small local inspection business that performs BIG (Best Inspection Given) every time!

Perpetual industry change also means we need to be agile and adjust with these changes. We are dynamic enough to transform when the need arises, while staying true to our niche of being, if you will, an “artisanal” inspection company that truly is the best in class. This attitude will help us stay current, competitive, innovative, and energetic.

Our goal is to grow from a solo Columbus Ohio home inspection firm to a small team of highly qualified inspectors to allow for more coverage area, more hands and eyes on site, and to enhance the client and realtor experience in the home inspection process. People are our focus; they are what we’re driven by. Inspecting properties for people and communicating those findings so that people can confidently make them a home or business is how we grow.

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