Why Get A Home Inspection?

A thorough inspection of your house will let you be aware of any issues. To make sure you don’t get stuck with the costs of unforeseen repairs, consider making your offer on a home contingent on a successful review by an independent home inspector. Unlike an appraiser, who typically works for the lender, the inspector will be working for you. He or she will spend more time looking for deficiencies.

A home appraisal is conducted to get an estimate of the property’s value as it relates to the loan or mortgage insurance. It won’t give you a detailed list of defects or explain hidden problems. The acceptance of an appraisal report by a lender is no guarantee that the dwelling is free from serious defects.

A good inspection will tell you about every aspect of the home you are interested in as of the date of the inspection. It will include an evaluation of the condition of the home’s heating, central air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, attic, floors, foundation, structure, and more.


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