Hanging Holiday Lights Safety Tips

Columbus Ohio Home Inspections - SafetyHanging Holiday Lights Safety Tips

Although holiday festivities may look a little different than normal this year, it seems that many Ohioans have gone above and beyond in decorating their homes this holiday season. If you’re planning to compete against your neighbors and to be the “Christmas Vacation House” of the block, make sure you take a couple minutes and read the following safety protocols put together by your local Columbus Ohio Home Inspector.

Inspect lights for any cord damage.

Before hanging your lights you should check each strand to make sure the cords are not frayed, as damaged cords can result in an electrical short which could injure you or cause a fire. Throw away any damaged lights and purchase new ones. Don’t forget to save those unused bulbs for replacements for years to come.

Replace any burnt out bulbs.

Make sure that you replace bulbs with the correct wattage and style. Do not install lights until you replace any broken bulbs.

Use lights made for the outdoors.

Outdoor lights are manufactured to withstand the elements such as rain, wind, or snow without being damaged or posing a risk to your home or yourself. Indoor lights have a thinner insulation which can become damaged when exposed to the cold. Reserve indoor lights for indoor use only.

Be careful when using a ladder.

When hanging lights on a roof or gutter make sure you use a ladder safely. Wear slip-resistant shoes if you have them and climb slowly. Avoid making sudden movements and make sure the ladder is installed correctly on a flat surface. We always recommend having someone hold the ladder when possible.  And always follow the 4 to 1 rule which is for every 4 feet of height you should have 1 foot away from the wall.

Don’t puncture the cords.

Try and avoid using tacks, screws, staples, or nails to hang lights. These objects can pierce through the cord’s insulation and become electrified. Not to mention the potential damage to your home. Use insulated hooks to secure the lights in place.

Most importantly remember this… It’s 2020 – so enough said!

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