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How To Find The Best Home Inspector

Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. Even if you have experience buying houses there is always a chance that you may overlook something vital. A home inspection is crucial in helping you find these issues and bringing them to light. Heart State Inspections recommends that you have an inspection done prior to the purchase of the home. Or even post sale as we are in a competitive market currently. You should not skip on a home inspection because few hundred dollars now could bring to light a fixable issue that will save you thousands in the future. But how do you find the best Home Inspector in Columbus, Ohio?

Easy – you found Heart State Inspections so you have already successfully found one. But what are the reasons that justify this?

Tips for finding the best home inspector

There are several ways to determine if a home inspector is the right person to trust in inspecting a home you want to buy. Below are the essential things to look for when hiring a home inspector.

Should you ask your real estate agent

The answer is: absolutely! You will likely get a list of their top 3 companies they recommend. If you find that we are not listed on their list it’s because we have not had the chance to show them our value and earn their trust yet. And even if we are listed in their number one spot you should still do some more digging before just choosing any of the companies provided.

Check Reviews

Always check for Google and Facebook reviews and take the time to read some of the reviews. Even if the company is not 5 stars there could be a valid reason for that. An upset home seller might have been mad that the inspector found something that they were hiding and left a 1 star review. A home buyer might have accidentally left 4 stars. Always see how the inspection company responds and look out for honesty, ethics, and commitment to their customers.

Memberships, affiliations and certifications

At the very minimum, they should be a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) or a similar body such as ASHI.

Training and experience matter

Some inspectors have only had online training. Make sure that your inspector has had practical hands on training and experience. Joe was trained by the HomeSpection Training Institute based in Canton, Ohio which not only provides hands on training but also provides 40 years of experience through mentorship.

Are they licensed and insured?

Ohio is in the process of implementing licenses for Ohio home inspectors and this should become effective in 2021. Heart State Inspections has completed above and beyond the licensing requirements and is awaiting the final application process to do so. Make sure your inspector is also fully insured in the State of Ohio.

Compare Sample Home Inspection Reports

The level of detail and ease of communication in a home inspector’s report will give you an idea of their professionalism and level of thoroughness. How comprehensive are the reports? Do they describe problems in a way that you can understand easily? And do they provide enough details about the issues to make decision-making easier? You will find that the best home inspector will also be available to go over the report with you either in person or over the phone.

Do they do ancillary inspections?

An inspector who can do specialized inspections, as well as, general inspections is often better because they save you time, money, and give you a “Grand View” of the home. Additional inspections and tests that the inspector should be able to do may include; radon testing, mold testing, and wood destroying insect inspections.

How much do they cost?

Finally, how much do they cost; not in absolute terms but in terms of value provided. Choose the inspector who offers the most value, not the cheapest inspector or even the most expensive.

Do they offer any warranties or guarantees?

Make sure that you take a second to look at the warranties and/or guarantees that they offer. It is our opinion that there is only one guarantee that should even be taken seriously. That is the InterNACHI Buy Your Home Back Guarantee. Heart State Inspections is not the only company in town to offer this and for good reason. For more information on this please check out the link here.

Follow these simple steps to find the best home inspector in Columbus Ohio or just give us a call! When you need to know, go with Joe!

Since this article was written Grand View Property Inspections has grown into Heart State Inspections.


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